Project Case Study


Engineering Marvel

Project: Cleveland Clinic, UAE
Project Highlights:
  • Electromechanical works of entire hospital facility.
  • Largest known completed MEP project (by value) in GCC in HealthCare sector.
  • Largest MEP project that has been executed single-handedly (without any JV)
Project Contract Value: AED 2 Billion
Project Start: March 2010
Project Finish: April 2014
Project Owner: Mubadala
EPC Contractor: Sixco-Samsung JV
Consultant: AECOM
Truly a World Class Hospital and Largest in GCC
  • A world-class 7 star multispecialty hospital in UAE and largest constructed hospital to date in entire GCC.
  • It is a 364 bed hospital set-up on 23 acres of plot area with 14,000 sq m of gallery area and is largest structural steel building (+ 30,000 tons) in UAE.
  • Hospital has 5 clinical floors, 3 diagnostic and treatment levels and 13 floors of critical and acute inpatient units
  • A unique and unparalleled extension of US Based Cleveland Clinic
  • A 364 bed hospital expandable to 490, set-up in 23 acres of plot area with 56 elevators, 12 escalators, 14000 sq.m. of gallery area and is largest structural steel building in UAE.
  • Hospital has 5 clinical floors, 3 diagnostic and treatment levels and 13 floors of critical and acute inpatient units.
  • Hospital has 5 centers of excellence - Heart & Vascular, Neurological, Digestive Diseases, Eye and Respiratory & Critical Care
Reasons Why We Believe that Cleveland Clinic is an Engineering Marvel
  1. For ETA, Safety is our top priority

    Unmatched safety records as the project clocked 30 Million safe man-days of execution .We also achieved compliance to stringent requirements of UL and NFPAin life system commissioning.>/p>

  2. Outstanding project works carried out by ETA
    • 25000 tons of refrigeration, 149 AHUs, 426 fan coil units & electrical connected load of 63 MW
    • 7.5 Km of piping across buildings, 150 Km of HV cabling across 25 floors and 52000 smoke detectors.
    • Multiple Air Handling Units feeding multiple areas to achieve redundancy and energy efficiency.
    • 100% 3rd party testing facilities engaged to have unbiased Quality solutionsand major integrated commissioning achieved before handing over.
    • Helium Quench Piping Network for MRI stations
    • Medical Gas Systems including Medical Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air, AGS& Instrument Air systems used.
  3. MEP contribution to the Project

    MEP work was immense as it was around 40% of total construction and consumed 60% of time in overall project. It involved mobilization of 600+ employees / supervisory staff and 10,000+ workmen.

  4. ETA has used some of the most innovative solutions
    • Seismic supports installed using combined support solutions designed by in-house structuralteam.
    • Adopted Mechanized installation techniques for air distribution systems
    • Development of workmen skill sets to enhance productivity.
    • Pipe stub section with to-suit length was made and slid into the trench to resolve the challenge wherein the top cover was casted before pipe installation.
  5. Project Timelines & Budget

    Strong project planning & execution teams, planning ahead, early start to commissioning and approach to follow integrated solutions allowed us to stay on track.

  6. Project teams demonstrated some of the best MEP practices / ideas
    • Complete logistic planning was predone to secure material shifting
    • Full coordination with ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company) and ADCD (Abu Dhabi Civil Defense) to complete all mandatory extensive part inspections before time.
  7. Latest Technologies
    • Fan wall Technology for AHU’s and Heat Recovery system to achieve LEED Gold rating.
    • Incoming Grey Water treated in multiple stages to disinfect it.
    • Integrated lighting management systems used to achieve energy efficiency.
    • Full scale of In-house Building Information Modelling (BIM) used in project.
    • Fully automated MEP operating systemsachieved on LEED Gold Standard requirements.
Project: 1st Underground Sub-station of UAE
Project Location: 132/11 KV Substation, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, UAE
Contract Duration: 18 Months
Project Finish: 23 Feb 2014
Truly a World Class Sub-station & 1st of its kind in UAE
  • This is the first and only underground substation that is ever built in UAE. Special electrical & civil designing was carried out to ensure workable designs.
  • Entire Engineering was the most complex as designing model of a substation i.e. near to ocean bed with tremendous underground water pressures. It is Earth Quake resistivity complied.
  • Moving Electrical equipment to a depth of approx. 16 mtrs was an extreme challenge.
  • Latest ventilation equipment were used to maintain proper ventilation levels
  • Best construction techniques were used to unload & install heavy electrical equipment like transformers & GIS at 15m underneath ground.
Reasons Why We Believe that the Underground Sub-station is an Engineering Marvel
  1. For ETA, Safety & Sustainability are top priority
    • All necessary safety compliances were met for working in deep excavation in constrained space & HAZOP study was conducted.
    • Floating Floor & related Special noise pollution protection devices like Sound Attenuators were installed in the EHV substation to reduce transfer of noise.
    • Landscaping has been done on the surface so as build the project on line of green requirements.
    • The Substation roof has been designed so as to convert it to an eco-effective system.
  2. Project demonstrated best, most interesting & significant practices in electrical engineering
    • The fact that an Extra High Voltage Substation could be built completely underground using latest technologies in switchgears and substation automation saving on above ground space, reduced pollution levels makes it interesting.
    • The substation had to be conceptualized differently on lines of underground requirements. This meant adding fire safe designs, heat extraction features and water safe techniques onto electrical equipment like 132 KV switchgear, Power Transformers.
    • Another Electrical Engineering marvel was to make Substation unmanned. State-of-art electrical and automation solutions were deployed at site to achieve this. Location is remotely controlled from the Transco’s National Control Center (NCC).
    • Specific electrical equipment installed to protect cable entries to substation from potential ingress spot for water.
    • Special task force teams were formed comprising of all stakeholders to form full proof operating procedures.
    • Quality control measures were employed to ensure that the manufacturers delivered equipment complying with the specifications.
  3. ETA used some of the most innovative solutions, tools and techniques
    • Detailed constructability study conducted to analyze impact of various factors like clear access, movement of equipment, optimum clearance and routine maintenance.
    • Rugged planning and Task Risk Analysis was undertaken in moving the equipment.
    • Usage of high grade crane and related machinery to lower Power Transformers underground.
    • Special adapters with cables over 30m long used to carry out the High Voltage test on the 132kV Gas Insulated Switchgear.
    • Network of sensors installed in basement to check for any water seepage.
  4. Project Timelines & Budget

    Latest project planning software used to develop the baseline schedule, monitor ‘S’ curves and percentage progress in various aspects of the project. This helped in having a critical review of progress against project milestones & thus ensured timely completion of the project within the budget parameters.