Exploring endless opportunities

I joined ETA MNE Division almost 10 years ago, and have since witnessed the growth of the division to becoming the number one MEP contractor in the Middle East. In my capacity as a manager of the manufacturing division under Dubai branch, I was involved in a number of prestigious projects like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro and Concourse 3. We faced many challenges on the way, I also learnt a lot, and eventually we had every reason to celebrate.
Name: Rami Khayrallah
Nationality: Lebanon

Since I joined ETA in 2008, I have encountered and worked alongside many like-minded colleagues with a team philosophy, ‘never say never’. What makes work pleasant at ETA is the technical knowledge, support and guidance from seniors, peers and junior staff alike, and this has been great for my personal development. In 7 years I’ve had the opportunity to contribute and be involved in various diverse landmark Projects (Residential, Malls, Hotels, Airports and Hospitals) which have changed the UAE landscape. Each time, I pass by any of these structures, I feel proud of myself.
Name: Richard Curtis Bent
Nationality: United Kingdom (UK)

I have been a part of ETA for more than five years and I tell you, it’s the most open and flexible work place. On the professional front, I get the opportunity to meet top leaders in the Public / Private sectors for the business needs; this really helps enhance my confidence. My seniors are very knowledgeable, transparent and approachable. They are the perfect mentors, I couldn’t have asked for better and this is not just for the books, I mean it.
Name: Rashid Humaid
Nationality: UAE

I love the supportive environment, close-knit bonding of colleagues and leaders, and the open communication culture, it has all the traits of a world class organizations. Besides ETA is great to be because of all the beautiful people.
Name: Shahid Luqman
Nationality: Pakistan